May into June

How is it Friday already? How is it already June!

This post is a bit of a random one, but pretty much sums up the last week or so! It’s been a week of work scattered with loveliness with friends. Last week Fern dog and I met up with my gorgeous work friends and their puppies for a stroll, a cuppa and cake around Calke Abbey – a picture perfect National Trust house and park which is linked to the National Forest just a couple of miles from our house. Work friends are so important. As a nurse, having this support allows you to unwind and rationalise what’s gone on. We work hard, so naturally we should play hard! Well – tea and cake ‘hard’!!! 

The weather had been so beautiful before the weekend and the garden was starting to bloom, my potatoes, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers starting to sprout in the raised bed and the grass finally looking moss free and luscious. My dad is my gardening guru. He would (and still does) spend hours watering and feeding his hanging baskets and veg patches, and I hope, as my little garden matures that I can do him proud and match his show gardens and produce displays. We landscaped our little garden last year and it’s still finding it’s feet a little, but i will show you the progress Mr H and I have made in another post. I am aware I’m nearly 30 – going on nearly 60 , but I love it!!

This week has ended with me and Fern strolling around Elvaston Castle and the clover fields surrounding it for a couple of hours in the ‘almost’ sun! Bouncy sprocker ears were fully engaged, and after a couple of hours she was out cold for the evening. 

These wellies are a dream by the way. Recommended by our lovely friends, these neoprene lined Aigle boots have turned out to be sooooo comfy, durable and I can walk miles in them! They’re not pretty, they’re not pink with flowers, but I wouldn’t change them even if you paid me! I can’t recommend them enough!

I’m back to work this weekend but I hope you all have a lovely one. 

Lots of Love, 

Mrs Heatho

My wellies can be found at the link below- 

Calke Abbey –

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