Hygge – that word that nobody really knows how to pronounce. A word that is interpreted by anyone in a million different ways, as everyone's 'Hygge' is different. A concept created by the Danish to explain the feeling of contentment and relaxation in a situation or experience created by yourself, friends, and family. 

My Hygge is simple. It involves being outdoors or surrounded by food. (The previous blog posts probably give that away). This week has been especially Hygge-ish!

Mr H and I took a spontaneous afternoon stroll in Robin Wood with Fern pup. We have been before but just followed the main trails. Instead this time we thought we'd go off track a bit! Off track took us through knee deep mud puddles and a mountain of brambles and logs to jump over – it was much more fun, my kind of Hygge! 

Peony season is well and Truely upon us and my instagram feed is overflowing with the delicate leaves in varying pinks. I actually picked mine up in Aldi, and they have all opened up! 

I'm actually off for most of this weekend in the AMAZING British sun. We cooked paella and had a leisurely bike ride to the pub for drinks. Perfectly topped off with a walk round the castle and corn fields,  a meaty BBQ with William Chase cocktails in the garden. This one  is a refreshing Lemon and Thyme Mule. It really has been a lovely Hygge feeling week! 

Lots of Love, 
Mrs Heatho x

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