After being indecisive about where to head in our week off staycation Mr H and I finally settled on a few days in Somerset, just outside Watchet in Mr H’s family caravan! Staycations tend to happen once a year for us and vary in every way. Last year we spent two weeks in Scotland, the couple of years previous mainly in Cornwall. After a short(ish) drive south, we arrived to a slightly grey evening of setting up base and strolling along the fossil filled beaches looking for hidden gems.

Wednesday was wet. I can’t explain how wet because it was beyond wet. Everything was just wet. But the weather soon changed in our favour.

The days passed with scenic walks along the coast, scrambles up over the Quantock hills (whilst Mr H mountain bikes some apparently ‘epic trails’) and filling our tummies with cream teas and fish and chips! We visited Dunster Castle and tried to find the most beautiful villages covered in rolling blossoms and blooms!

The Fern dog came along for the trip and loved every minute of camping! 
Hope everyone is well, and stocking up on strawberries and cream ready for Wimbledon!


Mrs Heatho

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