If the Matress isn’t plump the sheets won’t fit properly!

The funniest and wisest piece of advice my gorgeous wedding makeup artist and beautician of many years told me in the beginning – "if the matress isn't plump – the sheet won't fit properly!" – and she was right! Dry, dehydrated, sad skin with a layer of makeup will never look as good as healthy, well moisturised, conditioned and plump skin! 

I cannot profess to know anything about skin, makeup or what should go on my face. But over the years I have read blogs, visited beauty counter after beauty counter and seen only two beauticians (I like the ones I like!) but hydration with copious glasses of water, moisturiser and a steady skin routine is standing me in a hopefully good place as I approach my 30's with a couple of crows feet when I smile and a frown like I'm sure I was born with. I will commit to keeping it this way!

I hope I'm as lucky as my mum – she has regular facials, and spends money on essential products (plus the occasional mega indulgence!), but her face is radiant, glowy, the makeup sits seamlessly onto her face! (Come on genes – please work for me!)

For years I used the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, toner and moisturised with which ever Estée Lauder freebie mum has sent me across! But at Christmas I converted to Bobbi Brown after reading so many good reviews. And I have to say I LOVE IT! 

The cleansing oil has revolutionised my life – no more make up wipes for me! I know they are bad, but I just loved the convenience post night shift or after a late night, but the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil in literally 5 seconds removes every piece of day nastiness with as little effort. Using it twice a day since Christmas and I'm only half way down the bottle – now that's value for money! This isn't an ad. I'm not famous. Only a few of you lovely people read these garbled words – but please buy this bottle of gold!


My little splurge this month is the Becca Champagne Pop pressed powder.


A little late to the party, but this is a true gem!!! A subtle glow in the prettiest packaging that needs no further explanation. This is going to be an ongoing affair and hard to beat alongside this little gem of a primer by Laura Mercier! It's like putting a glittery makeup superglue on every morning. My makeup sticks all day!


Lots of Love, (and plump skin),

Mrs H x

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