The Winner takes it all…..

Either I’m winning, or Little H is winning right now! Up until this week I have managed a shower every other day, a blow dry, straighten of my hair, AND a full face of makeup almost daily. Thought I had parenting bossed!! Now I am fully aware this isn’t necessary. But I follow after my mother. I like to look presentable, and put together. It makes me feel me. Without a lick of lipstick I feel dull. It’s all so superficial and stupid I know. It’s not like I wear a ton of slap, but that bit makes me, well, me!

This was until last week…. hello six week growth spurt. Monday I bossed it, met the NCT dreamy mums for lunch in the sun, Little H was super well behaved, I ate halloumi fries, she slept, point to me!

Tuesday… our lovely friend from work came over, I spent the two hours prior to her arrival feeding, attempting to walk the pup dog in the rain, putting a swish of makeup on one handed with her in the sling singing twinkle twinkle at the top of my lungs…. good bye shaped and coloured eyebrows, it was nice knowing you, RIP – but for now, the concealer and Lippy rules. I hope to fill those little slugs in and shape them in 2020 when this one is big bigger 😂 Point to Little H!

Which leads to Wednesday …. it was 13.54, I had managed to walk fern dog round the field , once (not the hour and half strolls she was used too when I was on maternity leave 😂) I had eaten two slices of cold dominoes pizza left over from last nights treat – one handed, drank 1 hot cup of tea whilst doing squats with madam in the sling to keep her asleep, drunk two cups of Luke warm tea, one of which was reheated. I hadn’t managed to brush my hair…. and wash my face! I knew people said sometimes you just can’t get out the house, I didn’t believe them! I feel so super organised at work that I thought I could boss this…… nah. My small tiny human had won. How does something so small, innocent, and despite being the most gorgeous thing I have ever set eyes on, be entirely consuming. Who knows. Little H has won – point to her!

From now on it’s a day by day, point by point scoreboard for us two.

Tomorrow is always another day, and ultimately I really don’t care if I haven’t brushed my hair…… although I’m just about to book another hair appointment because – well who doesn’t LOVE having a dose of ‘me’ time, and glossy locks!!

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